viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

sad prayers in sad early mornings

i was hoping
you were awake
to be enough brave
for showing you my weakness,
tell you that i love you
even when i should not
but swear that if i keep it inside it will break all my bones,
being shy was my stuff
but i have suffered enough
and i got tired of waiting
so i don't want to think too much,
my mind is already burning fire since months,
do i have anything else to lose?
more than those afternoons with you?
and have i something more to gain?
like this pain,
like the songs you left me here
and when i hear i bleed?
like more memories that don't let me sleep, but then make me dream and lie to me so when i wake i can't breathe?
didn't like a lot "having roots on" but you were a fucking pretty tree,
i really ask myself everyday "does he think of me?"
"or now is her the thing that doesn't let him sleep?"
"you still waking sometimes at 3 or 4 am?"
"if you do, do you talk to her?
or you don't even touch your phone?"
tell me, please, you think of me before you fall asleep? or she fills the space i left? did i left you some empty space? or were you complete when you left me?
'cause i left my roots on you
and i think of you every single minute of the day, of your hair, of your hands and the curve of your lips when you speak,
and the memory of your smell does not fucking let me sleep, the same as the sound of your voice in the back of my mind and the feeling i had when i touched your skin for the very first time,
use to be awake at 3 or 4 am and always make the same question watching your pic, always wish you were here;
and if you want to keep knowing, thinking of us i fall asleep, our hugs and your kiss
and yes you did, there's an empty piece inside of me you left,
still can breathe but still hurts

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