sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

evil kills life and it's inside us

why can't just i
leave everything behind
let your hands where now they are
and look forward
don't think about if i could rewind
don't ask you even twice
if you still loving me like the first time
what the hell was i thinking
when i thought we could try a second time
we were killing ourselves
with the words that we said
i'm not sorry of what i did
that made me who i am
but i'm sorry for all the things
i said that made you hurt
'cause then i felt i was in hell
when you were crying
and i could not repair the mistake
we humans are so dumb when comes to love
started to think it's a bad choice
we get in 'cause we think we'll change the thing
"we'll be different than the rest" hear everyone says
but we'll all end in the same place
in the most loneliest home
asking why we ended up alone
burning pictures, burning souls
fuck, what did i do wrong?
"evil kills ourselves
and invisible our lovers
with ego, lies and hate
but revives all our feeling when is already too late"

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