domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015

to South place, please

I miss the things
we didn't do
because we didn't have
enough time to spend,
we were like two shooting stars!

I miss when we didn't
ride the bicycle on the park
and I miss more
when we didn't sleep together,
when you didn't hug me
and when i didn't kiss you

I miss our trip to South
that we never made,
because you didn't know
how to drive a car
and I didn't know
how to read a map

I miss you,
when you weren't teaching me maths
because you didn't remember
anything of high school,
and I miss that you never
saw me using sunglasses
because we never went out
when the sun was up there

I miss how I
didn't dare to sing you
"treat me softly"
and how you never told me
about things you lived
when you were a little kid,
because you were scared

I miss a lot of things
we didn't do
what I miss the most,
is that I could never told you
that I really loved you

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