jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Such small hands

Every night,
i know you cry
'cause your head's a mess
and your heart seems broken,
but you don't know what to do
you don't know if your life's what you want.

When i see your eyes
i know you've been sad,
you're sad,
your hands are tired of holding things that go away,
you want to have something forever
that's why your tattoos are there.
You want to hug a woman while you sleep,
but you don't feel sure,
you're so insecure,
life made you like that.

I understand the coffees you drink a day
'cause you're so tired! 
You cannot walk not even one street more
to go, and do every single day, the same.
You want to take the car you don't know how to drive
and go away,
leave everything behind,
you wish you could have company,
but it's ok if you take your cd's,
may your dogs go with you
and your pretty messy hair,
with your pretty pale skin
that turns red with the sun.

I hope you find your freedom
i hope you find, what you're looking for
and wake up smiling,
because everything is in its place,
(excluding your hair).

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