martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

perdoname si te llamo "amor"

This thing of
missing you
it's killing me,
it is really killing me,
it hurts to don't know
if you're forgetting me
or if you're dreaming of me
every night like I do

There's not a second
I don't think of your skin
and your heart beating fast
when my head is on your chest
and our sweaty hands
dancing together in the wind while we walk
to somewhere only we know

"True love waits" you said
but I'm not sure I mean that for you,
I still don't know why
days pass by and I miss you more than yesterday
and everything I touch
has your face
and everything I hear
has your voice

I'm confused
'cause we're so happy in my dreams
and it all seems so easy,
love between us just flies around us
but here, reality,
all is so hard,
you don't seem happy
and I can't guess your mind

Wish I go out and see you standing there
waiting for me, like you used to,
if we had another chance
I'd do everything I didn't dare before,
I'd read you every poem I wrote to you
I'd play the guitar and I'd sing you a song
I'd make you feel loved
like nobody did before,
because I love you
of a way I've never loved

But meanwhile I stay
with the last thing you said:
"I miss you a lot",
honey, I miss you more!

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