sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

you can't break the sky

-it's hard when they just see your outside
you may look so fucking great and happy
but the scars on the inside are so hidden
they don't know and you don't want to explain neither-
that's what she told me, with her eyes kind of tired
maybe three a.m in the morning, standing by the kitchen window
waiting for the sun to rise to go to sleep
'cause she can't go before it
she's like the one who doesn't sleep at night because of too many thoughts
on that moment i just fucking wished to let her feel at least for a while what's to be "lack of weight"
to take her off everything that's heavy
everything that makes her cry or feel guilty or tired or lonely or sad or anything
but i'm just a spirit, a ghost that can't do no thing at all
i can't even hug her, i can't even make her feel a little more... well, less lonely
i just can appear sometimes as a shooting star
other times as the rain, that with the ground it allows me to let a nice smell
some others i appear as the wind and i try to whisper something in her ears
it's heartwarming for this ghost to see her smiling
to see when she gets up and says "dammit, i'm stronger than anything, i can fucking do anything!"
that's when i scream in silence
that's when you all hear something in darkness
it's me screaming for her strength

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