domingo, 12 de julio de 2015


A notebook,
a pen,
softly writing
what wildly comes out of my mind,
I'm sitting in front of the water
imaging I'm sinking on it.
I do not wait for someone to save me
but I know I will float to can breathe,
I will open my eyes down the water
to see something different for once,
then invisibly I'll get off from there
and come back to the site where I started;
a table,
a coffee,
a common girl writing and drinking,
distracted from what is around,
it's the time when she can feel free
away from responsibilities and pressures
which hurry her heart a bit;
now my lungs are quietly breathing
grateful of having this peace
they'll save a little from later
just in case my heart hurry again;
paper cut half a centimeter of my finger
the blood's running out is blue
maybe's the water I swallowed unintentionally
when I sank into the water on my mind.
I dried the blood with the paper I was writing in
and a poem got written on it,
the letters were blue,
it was blue ink, not the water that I unintentionally swallowed.
I got lost in that moment,
where did I sank in?
did I sank in somewhere?
"No, just your mind is a little playful,
you've been here since a while, looking through the window".
I drank my coffee and kept on writing,
still don't know who spoke.

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