jueves, 9 de julio de 2015

two years old

i've lived two years 'till now
i have two houses
two dads and maybe more
many moms too
i went through many places bigger than my home
i felt scared the first time in all those
then i knew it was normal
i cried for many reasons
i laughed for many more
i've lived two years 'till now
and i got angry sometimes
with my moms and dads
with myself and the rest and the life
that i don't know what it really is
but i use to repeat what i hear
i like giving hugs and kisses
i say hello to strangers in the street
i don't know it may be dangerous
i don't know what "evil" means
i hear people talking about that on tv
while i fake i play with my toys
moms and dads just talk me about good things
they tell me about ponies and flowers
and tree houses and the sun with the clouds
i don't know much more than that
but for a reason i feel there's nothing fine around
my moms are worried everyday
they're scared and sad other times
my dads are worried and scared too
but they fake to be ok
'cause men suppose to be the stronger ones
but i think we're all made kind of the same thing
i've lived two years 'till now
but my moms and dads put happy
when i give them a hug
and i tell them i love them so much
my mind's two years, and it's of simple thought
so, could love be the one who save us?
could we save us with love?

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