viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

chamaleon hair

chameleon hair
you're everywhere
everyday you shine, like the sun when's day
like the moon when's night
i know some days your eyes rain and
you go walking your life thinking you're less than anyone around
but girl, you're breathtaking!
i know you'd carry the world on your back, if necessary
you don't know you would
but the warrior you have inside knows it
and i know it too, 'cause i had the chance to look a little inside your soul
and i didn't know i'd find magic in there
and magic in your words and your thoughts
this is not more than a dump of clean sentences
but i hope it can put a smile on your face
and if you were already smiling (i hope), maybe this could put a bigger smile on you
because when your eyes turn smaller when you do that
it's when's my turn to smile

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