martes, 2 de junio de 2015

Most known lies

 There's two things I don't believe in. I don't believe in God. I don't believe in love. I have believed in both, to be able now to say I don't. I can't believe in things I can't see. Not's valid saying that I can feel it or that if I close my eyes there's God. Because the only thing I can tell it's that when I open my eyes all I see is the world that's fucked up in many many ways. And it's not changing because there is people believing in invisible things. Hoping but not doing anything. People waiting for God or for love to save us. We're fucked up! God is an illusion created by those who wanted (and want) to have the power of everything, and love was created by those who wanted (and want) to have a purpose in life, that everybody had to share. Kind of similar, doesn't it?
 There's no man up in the sky watching you and all of us, and wanting our good. Take a look around, take a look at the news, search information about wars, about hungry, about poverty, about the rich ones, about the ones that have and the ones that not. Look at the untouchable building name that's always the good. Church. How many money would it need? Let me know to deposit in their bank accounts. Why would I worship something I can't see? Why would I believe in a book that tells things they can't prove? Why would I do something like that? If I wake up every morning and I see everything it's fucked up more than it was yesterday. If there's thousand people dying of hungry, of cold, of hot, of diseases that some may have a cure but it's not convenient to cure them for completly for the ones who handle all, of course's not. But even the blind ones are as bad as the ones who lie because they close their own eyes and cover their own ears for not hearing reality, and that's the most selfish thing somebody can do. We're sharing a world. That's enough for caring for each person living on it.

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