martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

one two three disappear

and everytime
you close your eyes
i wish that i could be
inside of you
i wish that you could
remember me as much as i do
every fucking day that i live
and i cry when i have to be tough
'cause i'll be living for my own
since now till forever
and it's fine
it's what i've decided
at least i won't suffer for new things
i'll suffer for the past
that one that i'm holding to
since it left me
i can't follow alone
but i'm lonely
with loneliness
and she holds me as if i was her only family
when i'm not
because i don't have any family
i don't want any ties
i don't want any love
i don't want any hate
or compassion
don't want the feelings i carry
but i have less than before
because the ones that i used to have
you took them off
and you have them in a place of you
or maybe you just threw them to the trash
where they've always belonged
since i felt them
please don't come back
but don't leave me
but you've already left me
and i left me too
'cause i couldn't be without you
now i lost me
and i'm looking for that girl again
'cause i miss her smiles
and the things she did
when she was happy
i don't want company
but feeling this way's not nice neither
what a mess i'm doing
my brain's on my chest
and my chest's on your hand
and your hand's in someone else's hand
the only thing i want
is to be able of living by myself
i could be anything when i grow up
i could be a lawyer, when i hate lies
i could be a doctor, when i can't even save me
i could be a theologian, when i'm skeptical
i could be whatever life wants
but i cannot be a pain girl
not anymore

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