jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

I wish

Doomed to fail
made to pain
to make mistakes
i can't stop
i don't want this but i can't stop

What's all they left me with?
why tears, insomnia, wishes made nothing?
in the middle of something
i'm disappointed of who i am
and what i do
my parents should be too

One thing right
ten more wrong
i wish i couldn't be
so many hours in the day awake
i wish eight were the time to live
and the rest i could just sleep
as disappearing

I don't like where i'm standing now
i don't like what i've been doing
i wish i could be stronger
less imperfect, sentimental
this is hurting

I wish i could stay inside home
all day everyday
disconnected of world
away from people i can hurt
away from people that can hurt me
i don't want these wounds anymore
i wish i could take them off
because they just don't heal, no more

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