miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015


i could talk indefinitely that you won't hear
i'm not enough, i feel it in my bones
as they break trying to follow you
the cold i have inside it's killing me
i'll fall asleep for long for hypothermia

and you know i gave you the heat i had
i stayed bleak and i didn't mind
i took each little reward
i tried to fill you the best i could
'cause i knew you went through tough stuff, in the past
yes, i know you didn't ask
but i loved you so much
i did it wrong sometimes, but i'm so human
i tried to tell you that i never do it on purpose
but your anger beats me, again (and many more)

darling, i tried hard to fit on your needs
but i'm so little, compared to them, compared to you
and everything you want to do
i don't want to be in the middle of the happiness you wish
and not in the middle of the kind of life you want
you have a car, you're driving it, 'cause life goes on
i'm not your end, of course not
and i'm on the road, alone, lying there
you'll pass over me, you won't even see me

i'll fall asleep for long for hypothermia

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