lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

She says

she doesn't like goodbyes
but she's leaving
after all, all that's left, is to go, she says slowly, with some tears on her eyes
that have no make up on
'cause she says she's too sensitive to wear it

how can you sleep at night? she asked him
'cause she says she thinks more than she should, but she can't stop
it's a painful girl
but she can be cheerful, sometimes
what she says is that she has given everything she had
so now it's kind of empty and kind of sad

this girl, with green eyes, and pale face
she's waiting to grow up
she thinks that's her salvation
'cause she thinks having 18 it's to have wings
she doesn't know world is hard, harder when you're alone
but she doesn't care anyway
she'll risk it all to get some happiness she lost some time ago

she'll don't mind to have some company
if it's the right one, she says again
'cause it's kind of tired of hearing love's wrong
of hearing love hurts
if one's wrong it's not because "love's like this"
'cause she says love is what you make of it

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