lunes, 20 de abril de 2015


every year i accumulate 365 shadows of myself
that i carry with me, since i wake till i go away
and on leap years, there's one more i have to take
wish i could let them go, but they want to stay
they're so hard to take off
they're all in my mind
they're like scars but on the inside
that i just can feel but nobody else can see

darker than a night on the woods
where you get lost everytime you're off
hard to come back, it's like an endless drive to an unknown place
where your mind force you to stay
but you keep on looking to escape 'cause in that moments you think there's a god up there
waiting for your prayers but then you remember you don't know how to pray
because the sensible part of you tells there's no god there, just sky and starts that don't illuminate
like this shadows i carry since the day i was born
giving me dark when i don't anymore

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