sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Please, wait

i remember when i was ok
when i could smile, for almost everything
now i'm just sadness and so much pain
my eyes can't hide that anymore

what hurts the most it's to see i hurt people that i love the most
but i can't control it, all i am's pain, so what would i give?
nobody believes that i have tried hard to change this, and i keep on trying
but it's so difficult, i can't

wish that they could understand
the feeling i have everyday, since i wake up till i go to bed
it's hard to fake, 'cause my eyes don't know how to lie
maybe that's why i don't want to go out my home

writing this helps, because i still have hope
and i'd like not staying alone in this way to improvement of myself
they all say it's my fault and i end up believing it
but actually it's something i didn't choose to be
and they say that i have to control it, and i can't, it's hard
"please, wait" that's what i always say
but i know time flies, so i understand why they leave, and cannot wait

i shouldn't be explaining this
people that loves me, knows it
i just don't need to be judged for something i don't want

i'm not the victim neither
when i cry it's not because i want you to feel sorry about me
i just have too much inside i can't keep
'cause i don't have enough space
and it's alright if you don't hug me
it's alright if you don't even want to ask what happens
i know i'll be fine, 'cause nothing bad can lasts forever
so this would be just a bad chapter that i'll close

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