jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

I've been missing myself

my mother, i wish i had her strength
the joy of my sister, and the liberty of her daughter
my dear father, i wish i could be as good as him to disappear
it would be useful, because i'm shut-in on a dark prison, in the cave of my mind

how to overcome an obstacle? when the obstacle it's you
how to take off something you have inside without hurting you more?
my mind is about to run away but it's leaving all the shadows with me
the green of my eyes were consumed by the pupils, and the pupils by those shadows, now absolutely everything, it's too dark
life's cold and i like the winter, but not as much as to feel it in my heart
my blood seems frozen and my lungs breathe ice

i wish my father could be here
giving me the love he has, but he doesn't dare to give
i'd like him to teach me many things he know, but he believes he's wrong
and my dear mother wanting to help me, breaks my soul
'cause even when i need her i can't tell her where i'll go
i just push her away, like i do with everyone around me

it's finally my fault
i always end up alone in some far away place from home
it looks like a bad dream, but i'm awake, feeling everything
i want to talk, but it's an empty place, just nature and me
anyway, that's what i used to ask for, but not at this price
and sometimes when i sing i can come back, other times; all i can do is wait
and it's a long long time, even when i don't have watch, the trees tell me it's late
but i don't know if to believe them or not, 'cause it's always dark
so the sun can't guide me, there's no moon, not even a sky
i don't know what's up there, maybe persons laughing
maybe persons crying, i don't know, sound's confusing

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