miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

Glass of coke

slowly, feelings i used to have just want to run away
i'm not the kind of home they need, it seems
i'm better empty, than filled with things that hurt
i fought for changing, but then i knew it wasn't all about me, this time

my feelings and i, we will run away in different directions
i told them not to come back, 'cause i didn't want to feel again
"you're not made for this kind of pain" they agreed and sank into a puddle of coke, he overturned on a table, that i'll never see again

then i found myself alone with memories
wish they'd go away too, but they're stuck in my bones and my blood
i don't want to miss, him on the bed, me in front of him
looking how he looks me
the glass of coke, he overturned and let stains on my shoes

it's suppose i can't feel now
but i remember the sound of his laugh
more beautiful than the song my daddy sang to me when i had 4
a sound that will remain forever. surrounding my ears
and that i don't want to miss

i wonder if my feelings end up in his home
waiting for him to open the door (a door he didn't open before)
to tell him how i am now, to tell him how i love him
to understand the way i've been feeling

'cause honey, your smell still living in my nose
and the glass of coke you overturned
i won't forget the glass of coke you overturned

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