sábado, 25 de abril de 2015


three men dressed in black, with deadly pale face, consumed by bad life
came in early morning to me, looked like one o'clock when i saw the moon standing
they said as they walked away from me "you look without a gram of happiness, would you like to come with us?"
and i said them "no, thanks i'd like to keep on trying to save me"

i fell asleep for a while on the grass
and i dreamt with those three man saying "once you come in, you can't come out, you have half a foot in"
i woke up screaming in silence "you let the devil win, but i won't do the same"
because i know i can be stronger than anything that wants to take me somewhere i don't

it's just a hard road to cross walking
it will take me more time than i wanted, but i'll get over this way
somedays i have the sun that shines the path
other ways the sun is black
but i'll get over this way, the wind takes the hot off
and i have the people i need in my mind
they'll help me to make disappear those three men on my ears and my eyes
my own breathing is my anxiolytic
i use the pills i drank before to mark the way, for if i get lost (again)

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