martes, 21 de abril de 2015


i know that tunnel will be dark
but it seems i don't care 'cause i come in anyway
i don't have a car, i just have my feet
and i don't see anything
but there's a voice guiding me, to a place i shouldn't be
it's written on the society book that is wrong
but i never believed it, so i can go

and it's a voice promising me that everything will be better than now
should i stay should i go? i asked to my mind
but she's so lost she doesn't know what to say
so she leaves my body and tells "i'll go to get lost on the woods for a time, but really don't want to come back"

my eyes can't see the colors so clearly
i do not distinguish black of white, red of blue, because of scars of my past
i do not feel pain, i live with needles coming out of me everyday
so when i'm bleeding i don't know
and i think it's the river coming with me in this trip with no destiny

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