domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Dear Sun

i do not believe in rainbows
there're just grey clouds on my landscape
sun uses to hide everyday
i don't know of what he is afraid
but nobody looks for it

while the moon shines some hours later
sun doesn't know he's brighter
and he still hiding from everything
cause he doesn't believe he's able to give something
he thinks he's human, he thinks he has soul
and a dark, dark soul
so he doesn't give light, sun starts to rain
and water falls from the eyes he doesn't have

sun shines because of his nature
but what if he gives up? 'cause it's getting tired
what if we stay in the dark?
will we miss that sun that rains but can finally shines?
will we appreciate it then? having to get wet sometimes, but after all, illuminated and warm

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