sábado, 6 de junio de 2015


i know one day you'll be gone
i know one day you'll be flying far away from this world
i want you to carry something with you
we couldn't spent so many time together, as i wished to
i don't blame you for anything, take off that weight from yourself
as a book that an old man gave me says "sometimes we can choose, but sometimes we can not"
this life didn't allow you to choose the time to spend with your little daughter
but believe me, dad, for me it worthed every single second
because there wasn't day i saw you, you didn't gave me an advice that i couldn't keep
or an honest hug i couldn't feel until forever
and even when you don't believe this either, you gave me examples, and a better way of spending my days
you were, are and will be always in my mind 'cause i know you wasn't there everytime i wanted
but yes everytime you could, i'm so imperfect as you, and thanks for letting me know that we all have problems we don't choose to have, we all have complications, mistakes and we'll always
be imperfect, you teached me to love every person like they are, and maybe helping them to change if they wanted to, or they needed to
i was never ashamed of you
I pronounce your name with pride, and i know exactly who you were and who you are
and i'm proud of my daddy, green eyes old man, with the most valuable mind i will ever known
your name is tattooed on my heart, your thoughts are the blood in my veins
everybody has to know that you'll never be dead because i'm whole you

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